Signs of the Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) (2/3)

17) Sighting a Flare In the East

… the emergence of a big flare, which is seen in the east, in the sky for three nights; The sighting of an extraordinary redness, not as red as the usual color of the dawn; and its spread over the horizon. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 32)

A big flame will occur in the east for 3 or 7 days in a row, followed by darkness in the sky. A brand new redness, unlike the usual color of red, will spread over the sky.A proclamation will be heard in a language Earth can understand. (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha’ah li-ashrat al-sa’ah, p. 166)

I swear that a flame will engulf you. That flame is presently in an extinguished state in the valley called Berehut. That flame swallows up people with terrible pain inside it, burns down and destroys people and property, and spreads all over the world by flying like a cloud with the assistance of winds. Its heat at night is much higher than its daytime temperature. By going as deep as the center of Earth from above the heads of people, that flame becomes a terrible noise, just like the lightning between the ground and the sky.” (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 461) (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha’ah li-ashrat al-sa’ah, p. 289)

Here, we give a brief explanation of this flame:

Some people wait for this flame as a sign that comes suddenly and for no particular reason, that never goes out, and that everyone can see. Since the trial continues during the occurrence of these signs, just because people will see them does not mean that they will understand them. Thus, people will make their decisions by using their intellect, mind, conscience, and will. If the End Time signs had been narrated in full detail (e.g., how, when, and where they will occur), everybody would have had to accept them. Thus, no differences of degree would be left among the people. For this reason, these hadiths have been communicated in a semi-implicit manner.

The sign concerning the flame must be evaluated in this manner. A flame is the result of either an accident due to neglect or to a deliberate action. The hadiths do not say that it must occur as a very strange and extraordinary sign. What really counts is its occurrence in compliance with the properties of the flame described in the hadiths and the time of its occurrence. To do this, first we must consider its properties.

In July 1991, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, a huge fire spread throughout Kuwait and the Persian Gulf as the Iraqis fired Kuwait’s oil wells. This is how this fire was covered in the media:

– The burning oil in Kuwait led to the deaths of people and animals. According to experts, half a million tons of oil went up into the atmosphere as smoke. Every day, more than 10,000 tons of soot, sulfur, carbon-dioxide and large quantities of hydrocarbons with their carcinogenic properties hang suspended over the Gulf. It is not just the Gulf but, on its behalf, the world is burning. (M. Necati Ozfatura, Kurtlar Sofrasında Ortadogu, p.175)

– Two wells that were set alight produced as much oil as Turkey does in one day, and the smoke from them were even seen from Saudi Arabia, 55 kilometers away. (Daily Hurriyet, January 23, 1991)

– Hundreds of oil wells set alight in Kuwait are still burning fiercely. Experts say it will be “exceedingly difficult to put those fires out,” and it is said that the fires may affect a wide area from Turkey to India for the next 10 years. The fire and smoke coming from the wells constantly polluted the atmosphere. Daytime resembled night in Kuwait. The brown smoke that rose together with the flames reminded one of the sky as the autumn turns into winter… It has been stated that it would take at least a year for Kuwait to be completely habitable again. The smoke that rises with the flames is visible from miles away, totally blocking out the sky and making the country unfit to live in. The wealthy are abandoning Kuwait.

Körfez savaşı

One of the portents of the End Times is “the rise of a fire in the East”. During the Gulf War the fire started in oil wells. 


According to a statement by Abdullah Dabbagh, director of the research institute in Dhahran, in the New York Times, 106 species of fish, 180 species of mollusk, and 450 animal species living in the region struggled to survive because of the pollution in the Persian Gulf. It has been stated that smoke rising from 600 oil wells has spread to neighboring countries, and that smoke containing such carcinogenic substances as sulfur has turned into acid rain and reduced agricultural productivity. (M. Necati Ozfatura, Kurtlar Sofrasinda Ortadogu, p. 171)

I swear that a fire will enfold you. That fire is currently lying extinguished in the valley known as Berehut (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 461, Qamus Translation, 1:550) 
[Berehut: the name of a valley or a well].

The hadith’s first part says that the flame “is presently in an extinguished state.” Given that the flame is the result of burning an inflammable substance, what waits in an extinguished state is not the flame itself but rather the material to be burned by the flame.

In this context, this may mean underground oil. Berehut is the name of a well. This can be considered an oil well. When the time comes, oil extracted from these wells will become a fire ready to be burned.

“That flame swallows up people with terrible pain inside it.” This flame is not merely a burning flare, but also one that deprives people of their lives and possessions, making them miserable and sorrowful, and contaminates the surrounding environment.

“That flame … burns up and destroys people and property.” This flame causes the death of people. In addition, it burns up property, causing material damage, and, by polluting the surrounding environment, destroys what people need in order to live.r.

“… spreads all over the world in eight days by flying like a cloud with the assistance of winds.” This particular element is the smoke that the flame produces. Thus, this metaphor indicates that the smoke will reach as high as the clouds and spread in all directions due to the wind.

Gulf War, 1991


“Its heat at night is much higher than its daytime temperature.” In other words, the flame will burn around the clock.

“By going as deep as the center of Earth from above the heads of people, that flame makes a terrible noise, just like the thunder between the ground and the sky.” Attention is drawn to the facts that the flame will climb very high into the air and cause a very strong noise and explosions resembling a thunder.

“… a brand new redness, unlike the usual color of red, spreading over the sky…” This part of the hadith points out that the incident will occur at night, for the flames of a large nighttime explosion lead to a very strong illumination. The red illumination caused by such red flames is very different from the red “dawn” redness with which people are familiar. Such an illumination at night, which is very similar to daylight, is an extraordinary phenomenon.

18) The Explosion of the Tanker “Independenta” In 1979 In Istanbul

It is narrated from Hussein Ibn Ali that:

It is narrated from Abu Jaffar ibn Muhammad ibn Ali that: 
“Expect the coming of the family of Muhammad [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] when you see a fire from the East for three or seven days, and insha’Allah an angel from the sky will call out the name of Hazrat Mahdi (as) from the sky, and everyone in East and West will hear. So much that those asleep will wake in fear, those standing will fall down, and those sitting will spring to their feet.” (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman, p. 32)

This great explosion and subsequent fire that this hadith of our Prophet (saas) is referring to is the explosion of the heavily laden petrol tanker theIndependenta off the Kadikoy coast in Istanbul in 1979, in other words Hijri 1400.

Independenta gemi kazası
Hürriyet, 16.11.1979 – Istanbul became like day at midnight
Tercüman, 17.11.1979 – Allah saved
Hürriyet, 16.11.1979 – Sea is burning
Tercüman, 17.11.1979 -Black Clouds over the city 

On 15 November, 1979 (Hijri 1400), the world’s fourth largest tanker, the 150,000 gross ton Romanian “Independenta” struck a Greek steamer as it came to Istanbul, the last center of the Islamic world, ran aground and sank following a blaze lasting several days. Our Prophet (saas) openly states that the time of this great event that took place in Istanbul is that of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) to Istanbul in the words; “… THAT MOMENT IS THE TIME OF THE COMING OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)”

According to the information provided in the hadith, this is an event that took place during the days when Hazrat Mahdi (as) set foot in Istanbul. Through this event, the coming to Istanbul of Hazrat Mahdi (as) was announced as glad tidings in such a way that everyone in the world could hear, both the human world and the world of the djinn. People were thus told by Allah that Hazrat Mahdi (as) had come to Istanbul, both by a noise as loud as thunder, a giant flame that blazed for several days, by light and smoke, and by further explosions that took place from time to time. In addition, Said Nursi, the greatest restorer of the faith of the last 1000 years, also says in his collection that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear in the year 1979 (Hijri 1400)


19) An Increase In the Number of False Prophets

The appearance of false prophets is another portent of the Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s coming. Many people claiming to be Prophet Jesus have emerged in recent times.

The Hour will not be established until about thirty liars appear, and each one of them will claim that he is Allah’s Apostle… (Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan p. 43; Sunan Abu Dawud)

The appearance of 60 liars, each of who claims that Allah, the One Allah, has sent them as a prophet. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 36)

Sahte peygamber

Time, 03.May.1993
Takvim, 06.April.2002 – False Prophet

20) The Use of Religion for Personal Ends

When the learned acquire knowledge solely to make money… when they sell the religion for the sake of this world …when they sell the laws… then the last day will be at hand. (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 480)

Such men will appear in the end times that they will sell their religion for worldly gain. (Tirmidhi, Zuhd, p. 60)

Whoever reads the Qur’an, let him seek it (his reward) from Allah, because in the End Times many who read the Qur’an will seek their reward from men. [Son Zamanla İlgili Hadisler (Hadiths Regarding the End Times), p. 9]

21) The Occurrance of Great and Astonishing Events

Great phenomena will happen in his time. (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar, p. 27)

So many appalling incidents will occur in his time. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, 2:258)

The signs of his emergence resemble those preparatory signs that earlier gave an indication of our Allah’s Messenger. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, 2:258)

Great and extraordinary events preceded the Prophet Muhammad’s (saas) birth. For example, a new star rose on that night, 14 towers of the Iranian emperor’s palace collapsed, the Magians’ (fire worshippers’) sacred fire that had burned for 1,000 years in Iran went out, the Samawah Valley was flooded, and the Sawa Lake dried up. As indicated in the hadiths above, Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) emergence will also be marked by great and miraculous phenomena.

Some of the remarkable phenomena that took place during the twentieth century are as follows:

– The Kaaba was raided, and many Muslims were killed,

– The 2,500-year-old Iranian monarchy collapsed, and Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled and died in exile,

– A gas leak in a Bombay factory killed 20,000 people,

– War broke out between two Muslim nations: Iran and Iraq,

– The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan,

– Invasion of Azerbaijan in 1990,

– On September 19, 1985, Mexico City was devastated by an earthquake,

– The Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted, wiping the town of Armero off the map and killing 25,000 people,

– Floods in Bangladesh killed 25,000 people,

– Rome, the heart of the Catholic Church, was flooded,

– The worst forest fire in history broke out in China,
– Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her successor Rajiv Gandhi, along with President Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt and Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme, were assassinated,

– Pope John Paul II was shot,

– The AIDS virus, identified in 1980, has so far killed tens of thousands of people and is known as the “Plague of the Age,”

– The Challenger space shuttle exploded after take-off in 1986,

– The worst nuclear accident in history occurred when the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor, located in the Soviet Union, exploded on 26 April 1986 and affected many European countries by the released radiation,

Mekke'nin işgali

1 – Mecca was invaded, 2 – Iran invaded Iraq
3 – The Persian Empire of 2500 years was  demolished. Reza Shah Pahlavi passed away
4 – A war broke out between two Muslim countries, Iran and Iraq, 5 – Pope Jean Paul II was shot by Mehmet Ali Agca

Meksiko city deprem
1 – Russians invaded Afghanistan, 2 – Mexico City is laid waste by an earthquake,
3 – The President of Egypt Anwar al Sadat, the President of Sweden Olof Palme, and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi were assassinated


– A hole was discovered in the ozone layer and it effected world climate negatively

– The Soviet Union collapsed, thanks to Gorbachev, and the newly independent states of Central Asia emerged,

– The Gulf War broke out, Iraq annexed and then fled Kuwait – The United States and Britain occupied Iraq in 2003,

– An earthquake in Armenia reduced cities to rubble, causing 500,000 people to leave their homes and more than 40,000 people to lose their lives,

– The Chinese government sent its tanks into Tiananmen Square during 1989 to crush a student movement demanding greater freedom; 2,000 students died,

– The Berlin Wall, which for 28 years had symbolized the cold war, was torn down,

– More than 1,400 pilgrims were killed in a stampede at a tunnel in the Kaaba in 1990,

– Approximately 139,000 people died from flooding in Bangladesh in 1991, and 10 million were left homeless,

– Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed in the atrocities in Bosnia and Kosovo, and hundreds of thousands more were exiled, – The Ebola virus led to the deaths of tens of thousands, and

– The hurricanes, tornadoes, whirlwinds, and floods caused by El Niño led to the deaths of thousands of people, to millions fleeing their homes, and to billions of dollars worth of damage.

– The 13-year research known as the Human Genome Project was completed in April, 2003. The approximately 30,000 genes in human DNA were thus identified and the human genome map produced.

– Mars was closer to Earth in August 2003 than at any other time in the past 60,000 years.

– In August 2007 the financial markets in the United States of America started to collapse and the economic crisis continued to intensify, beginning to spread across the whole world.

Challenger uzay mekiği

1. Shock and sorrow in the world “Disaster of the Age”
2. The space shuttle Challenger exploded soon after it was launched in 1986. (above)
2. In 1986 the greatest nuclear disaster in history occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine. (below)
3. The hole in the ozone layer negatively affected the seasons 4. Great student upheavals occurred in China
5. After Iraq’s annexation of Kuwait the Gulf War that would last for years started.


National Geographic, world press, time

1. USSR collapsed, 2. Independent states appeared, 3. Al-Nino caused great climate changes around the world


Kasırgalar, İstanbul, Avrupa felaketler, 1985, 1987

1. 100 million tons of snow fell on Istanbul in only 6 days, 2. We have not seen such for a century, 3. Istanbul under flood,
4. China burning, 5. Murderous cyclone, 6. 4 thousands dead, thousands of wounded, 7. Hurricane disaster, 8. The most arid winter,
9. The Hell of Greece: 1100 dead, 10. Scary landslip, 11. 1985 became a year of disasters, 12. The severest rains of the century, 13. Flood in Europe


ivan kasırgası

1. Tercüman, 08.09.2004: Ivan laid to waste
2. Cumhuriyet, 20.01.2007: Europe is laid waste
3. This century has been the one in which great disasters and events took place and the events narrated by our Prophet (saas) occurred one after another. The pain and disasters people went through in this century are important portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), which is heralded by our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) told that these portents would occur one after another, like the dots on a prayer beads. Indeed, starting from the beginning of Hijri 1400, all these evets occurred one after another.


22) A Sign Out of the Sun

He [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] will not come unless a sign emerges out of the Sun. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar, p. 49)

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not emerge unless the Sun rises as a sign. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi, p. 33)

Güneş patlaması

The Sun will explode


Such a great explosion in the Sun occured for the first time within the century in which we live.

Güneş patlaması 

They caught the explosion of the age like this


Eclipse of the Sun

The solar eclipse of 11 August 1999 was the final eclipse of the Sun during the twentieth century. This was the first time that so many people could actually watch and investigate such an event for an extended period of time. One noteworthy aspect of this eclipse was that it could be seen in Turkey in some 12 cities and 100 districts.

It is no coincidence that so many signs have taken place one after the other in such a short space of time. Each of these portents represents glad tidings for believers.

Güneş tutulması

The eclipse of the Sun could be seen along the line shown in the picture.
Turkey is one of the countries in which the eclipse of the Sun could be seen for longest.


23) The Destruction of Great Cities

Great cities will be ruined, and it will be as if they had not existed the day before. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi, p. 38)

The hadith indicates that certain large cities will be destroyed as a result of wars and various natural disasters. Several large cities were indeed destroyed or severely damaged during the Hijri 1400s. These events are major signs of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) coming. The atomic bombs dropped by the United States on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killed innumerable people and razed both cities to the ground.


Nagasaki before and after the atomic bomb.


In the Qur’an, Allah states that many peoples have been destroyed.


Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb explosion.


The twentieth century’s wars totally ruined many great cities (e.g., Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw, Leningrad, Bucharest, Beirut, and London). It took years to rebuild them.


1. Like many other cities of Italy, Anzio was also laid waste after the World War II.
2. The Swedish Embassy in Berlin which was ruined by a bombing.


katrina kasırgası

1.Katrina left the perished city, and the corruption started. 2. Hurricane disaster in USA
3. Hurricanes, cyclones and floods that occurred during the last 20 years in USA caused great disasters.


24) An Increase In the Number of Earthquakes

The Last Day will not come until earthquakes multiply, strife appears, and murders increase. (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha’ah li-ashrat al-sa’ah, p. 109)

Our Prophet (saas) stated in the above hadith that “a rise in the number of earthquakes” will be a sign that the End Times is nigh. Indeed, this century went down in history as one in which many thousands of people lost their lives in earthquakes. The devastating earthquake in Kobe (Japan), and those that followed one after the other in Turkey, Taiwan, Greece, and Mexico, are important signs.

San Francisco depremi

Thousands of people lost their lives during the earthquakes occurred
in 1989 in San Fransisco and thousands of others were left homeless.
Damage is worth billions of dollars.


Depremler, San Francisco, Romanya, Alaska

1. A 7.6 earthquake struck Taiwan 2. 7.4 earthquake shook Mexico
3. In 1977 thousands of buildings in Romania were reduced to pieces.
4. San Fransisco earthquake occurred at 05:04 am, ruining thousands of buildings in only 15 seconds.
5. 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska caused huge cracks on earth


There will be earthquakes in my community. Ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand people will die. Allah will make this a counsel for the taqwa, a mercy on believers and a suffering for unbelievers. [Ibn ‘Asakir, Gelecegin Tarihi 1 (History of the Future 1), Orhan Baytan, Mevsim Publishings, p. 81]

Kobe depremi

1. 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Peru became effective on an area of 1000 km.
2. The earthquake that happened in China in 1976 was the greatest of the 20th century. The death toll was 240,000 and the number of wounded was 164,000.
3. In 1995, an earthquake reduced Kobe to rubble even though it lasted only 12 seconds. The Kobe earthquake caused a damage of 147 billion dollars.


The days when you can find no homes to shelter you or animals to carry you have come close. Earthquakes will demolish your houses… (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha`ah li Ashrat as-Sa`ah, p. 146)

The Day of Judgment will not take place until knowledge vanishes, earthquakes multiply, time is shortened, strife appears, and murders flourish. (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha’ah li-ashrat al-sa’ah, p.108)

Kaliforniya depremi

1. The 10-magnitude earthquake in Sicily reduced some cities into rubble.
2. The financial worth of the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit California on January 17, 1994 exceeded 40 billion dollars.
3. The severe earthquake that occurred in Mexico in 1985 left 1 million homeless, 9000 dead and 30,000 wounded behind. (Right) Harap olan Benito Juarez Hospital


Tayvan depremi

1. Everywhere became flat, 2. The world is rocked – The world is shaking, 3. Not one day passes without an earthquake,
4. And now Taiwan: Earthquake 7.6, 5. Turkey, Thailand, Mexico and now America shook The three o’clock syndrome,
6. One disaster after another, 7. First a 8.3 earthquake, then a tsunami struck.


When the generations that follow my community insult those who went before (with various pretexts and excuses), expect red winds, earthquakes and changes of appearance. (Tirmidhi Hadiths, Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan, s. 39)

İtalya depremi, 2009

1. The number of lost people in China: 100 thousand,
2. The great earthquake in China in 2008 led to tens of thousands losing their lives and many being crippled.
3. Earthquakes became increasingly frequent and intense in the 1990s and 2000s. The great earthquake in Kobe was followed by others in Turkey, Athens, Taiwan and Mexico.
4. PAIN becomes more severe in Italy, 5. Chile collapsed with 8.8, 6. Disaster of 60 seconds
7. The successive great earthquakes that occurred in Haiti and Chile in 2010


25) The Taking Place of a Major Event

“(1) Before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), (2) there will be a great event (3) when pitch-black stones (4) in Medina (5) will vanish in blood. In that event it will be as easy to kill a woman (6) as to wave a whip. And this phenomenon will spread for 2 km, and the oath of allegiance will be taken to Hazrat Mahdi (as). (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar, p. 41)

(1) Before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)… The fact that the hadith begins like this also shows that this is one of the signs of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). According to the hadiths and great Islamic scholars, the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) should take place in early Hijri 1400 (1979-80 AD). The term in the hadith “before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)” suggests shortly before Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear there will be this great event.

(2) … there will be a great event… The hadith may be referring to 1 May, when many people were killed in Taksim Square in Istanbul and much blood was spilled during a period of anarchy.

(3) … when pitch-black stones … will vanish in blood… This part of the hadith describes the ground being covered in blood. It refers to a bloody incident taking place on black stones, in other words on tarmac.

– In the Taksim Square incident of May 1, 1977, 34 people died and 200 were injured. Blood was shed over black stones (tarmac) and spread into the road.

Tarmac road: Made up of small stones mixed in with asphalt.

When this mixture is laid out on a road it looks like a single piece of black stone.

(4) … in Medina … The word Medina in Arabic is also used to mean a large city. The hadith below is an example of this.

Kanlı 1 Mayıs, Taksim

1. Milli Gazete, 02.05.1977: DISK’s meeting in Taksim is smeared with blood,
2. Cumhuriyet, 02.05.1977: Bloody May the 1st


It is narrated from Ibn Amr that Messenger of Allah (saas) said:

O Ummah! There are six things that the Day of Resurrection will not happen before… The sixth is the capture of Medina. He was asked: Which city? He replied: Constantinople. (Istanbul) (This is the spiritual conquest of Istanbul to be performed by Hazrat Mahdi (as)).(Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha’ah li-ashrat al-sa’ah, p. 204; Ramuz al-Ahadith 1/296)

(5) … will vanish in blood … The tarmac will be totally covered in blood in some places, and the tarmac itself will be invisible.

(6) … as easy … as to wave a whip … The metaphor here notes that killing will be a very easy matter. In the same way that a whip can be waved around in all directions with a flick of the wrist, so a gun can be waved around and used to kill someone just by pulling the trigger.

26) Emergence of a Two-Tailed Comet

In his work The Letters of Rabbani, the great Sunni scholar Imam Rabbani gives two important conditions regarding the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

1st Condition

The first of these conditions is that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear after one thousand years from our Prophet (saas).
This is revealed on page 1/569 of his Letters of Rabbani:

However, what is anticipated is this; the renewal of this concealed state AFTER ONE THOUSAND YEARS HAVE PASSED. His being given superiority, finding water and increase… The original of such virtues (perfections) will appear and cover its abasement… AND LET HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) who values devotion to might COME. May Allah be pleased with him. (Imam Rabbani, The Letters of Rabbani, 1/569)

We are now in the year Hijri 1430. This date shows that 1000 years have passed since our Prophet (saas) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear during Hijri 1400s, the century we are living now, as stated in the hadiths. It also proves that the first of Imam Rabbani’s conditions necessary for the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come about.

2nd Condition

The second great measure that Imam Rabbani provides regarding the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the condition of a “double-toothed, light-shedding star” passing close by the Earth.

Lulin kuyruklu yıldız

Gaste, 25.02.2009 ‘Lulin’ approaches to the Earth


According to his Companions, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said:
“When Abbasi Malik arrives at Khorasan, one of the signs of the coming of the promised Mahdi, A DOUBLE-TOOTHED (1) LIGHT SHEDDING (2) HORN (3) WILL APPEAR IN THE EAST.”

That comet has been born. But is it that one, or another similar one?
-That this star is called a comet, is probably based on the following:
-The course of the constant IS FROM MAGRIB (WEST) TO MASRIQ (EAST) (4)… 
The situation of this star follows this course. In other words, its head faces east and its tail faces west. The long white part is in its rear. Therefore:
-It is appropriate for it to be described as having a tail.
SubhanAllah knows the truth. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, Letter 381, p. 1184)

(1) … double-toothed…:

The fact that the tail of the comet Lulin is forked completely matches the term double-toothed in the hadith.

(2) … light-shedding…:

The term light-shedding in the hadith refers to the brightness of the comet Lulin, which exceeded that of six stars as it approached the Earth.

(3) … a horn…:

The main distinguishing feature between Lulin and other comets is that as well as the comet having a tail in the rear of its body, it also has a tail in the front. Examination of photographs of Lulin and its two tails immediately put one in mind of a horn.

Lulin kuyruklu yıldız

1., 11.02.2009: The comet Lulin entering the Solar System,
2. Dokuzsütun, 03.04.2009: The Green comet was very close to the world,
3. Güneş, 23.02.2009: Comet of the Last Day approaching fast


(4) The course of the constant is from Magrib (west) to Mashriq (east)…:

The hadith goes on to say that “The course of the constant is from Magrib (west) to Mashriq (east)…” This refers to the movement of heavenly bodies, which information is in full agreement with the astronomical findings of the 20th century. Indeed, all heavenly bodies travel from MAGRIB (WEST) to MASHRIQ (EAST).

(5) Its daily passage, on the other hand, is from mashriq (east) to magrib (west). …:

Here the expression “Its daily passage, on the other hand, …” indicates that the comet Lulin, as opposed to all other heavenly bodies, travel from east to west.

The reference to a “double-toothed, light shedding” horn, cited in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) as a portent of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) whose coming is anticipated in the End Times, and described in detail by Imam Rabbani, indicated the comet Lulin, which passed closest to the Earth on February 24, 2009, that is the year Hijri 1430.

Another highly significant feature of this comet is that scientists say that it will next pass by the Earth AFTER at least another 1000 YEARS.

This timing given by scientists shows that it is impossible, according to the dates given on the basis of the hadith of our Prophet (saas) by Sunni scholars regarding the life span of the Earth and Day of Judgment, for the comet to pass by the Earth again. Because the hadith narrated from our Prophet (saas) reveal that the life span of the Earth is 7000 years.

Anas Ibn Malik narrates that the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: THE LIFE SPAN OF THE WORLD IS SEVEN DAYS IN THE DAYS OF THE HEREAFTER. Almighty Allah has said: ONE DAY IN THE SIGHT OF YOUR LORD IS LIKE A THOUSAND OF YOUR YEARS.
 to the one who meets the need of any of his brothers in the faith on the path of Allah as if he spends his days in fasting and his nights in worship. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-zaman, p. 88)

In one hadith narrated from our Prophet (saas) by many scholars, such as Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, the time passing up until our Prophet (saas) is out at 5600 years,

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, in his Kitab al-`Ilal, says: Five thousand, six hundred years have passed from this world. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-zaman, p. 89)

The great Sunni scholar Suyuti says this about the life span of the Ummah:

THE LIFE OF MY COMMUNITY WILL NOT EXCEED 1500 YEARS. (As-Suyuti, Al-Kashf an Mujawazat Hadhihi al-Umma al-Alf, Al-Hawi Lil-Fatawi, Suyuti. 2:248, Tafsir Ruh-ul Bayan. Bursawi 4/262, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Kitab al-`Ilal, p. 89)

Analysis of all this information handed down from our Prophet (saas) confirms that the life span of the Earth will not extend past the 1500s. It is therefore impossible, according to authentic hadiths and the common views of Sunni scholars, for the comet Lulin to pass by the Earth in another 1000 years’ time. (Allah knows the truth.)

This is a clear indication that the information that the “double-toothed, light shedding star” in Imam Rabbani’s Letters refers to the comet Lulin that passed by the Earth in Hijri 1430, and that shows clearly the second condition for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) has taken place.

27) An Image Shaped Like a Hand In Space

… Asma bint Umays says: THE PORTENT OF THAT DAY [THE COMING OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)] IS A HAND EXTENDING FROM THE SKY AND PEOPLE TURNING TO LOOK AT IT. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 69)

… AT THAT TIME [OF THE APPEARANCE OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)] A HAND WILL BE SEEN REVEALING ITSELF FROM THE SKY… (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 51)

Conflict and disputes will persist until A HAND APPEARS FROM THE SKY and a voice cries “Hazrat Mahdi (as) is your amir.”THE SIGN OF THAT DAY: A HAND WILL EXTEND FROM THE SKY and people will look at and see it. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 53)

Nasa, Allah'ın eli, pulsar

NASA described the image as the ‘Hand of God’

These hadith transmitted from our Prophet (saas) speak of a “hand” being seen in the sky, and say that this is a portent of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It appears that disputes will continue until that time and that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will constantly be a matter of discussion, i.e. through means of communication such as radio, television and the Internet.

A picture of space taken by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory shows a mass of neutron stars shaped like a hand appearing to close round another star mass. The reference to a hand in the hadith may be suggestive of this image in the indicated meaning, described by NASA as the “hand of God,” giving rise to a celestial phenomenon. (Allah knows the truth.)

The shape of a hand formed by the stellar mass is in complete agreement with the description of its extension as given in the hadith. The photograph taken by NASA shows a hand stretching out somewhere. In addition, the way that people were able to see and observe this celestial phenomenon by means of telescopes thanks to the advanced space and astronomical technology in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also in complete agreement with the expressions employed in the hadith.

As stated in another hadith, the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) “… may be expected to take place one after the other like beads on a necklace whose string has snapped” (Abu Huraira (ra), Tirmidhi) and have been taking place one after the other over the last 30 years, and are still going on today. The latest, which happened when the two-tailed comet Lulin came closest to the Earth on 24 February, 2009, also appears to match a hadith narrated by Imam Rabbani: “a double-toothed light shedding horn will appear in the East” This, followed now by a celestial phenomenon in the shape of a hand referred to in the hadith in terms of “a hand extending from the sky,” is all evidence that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has already appeared and begun his work, and that he will soon be recognized by people. (Allah knows the truth.)

Nasa, insan eli şeklinde gök cismi
Nasa, insan eli şeklinde gök cismi

A photograph taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. It is seen as if a pulsar in the shape of a hand, referred by NASA as “God’s Hand,” grasps another pulsar.
1. Mysterious hand in the sky 2. The mysterious hand that shocked scientists! NASA discovered a celestial body in the shape of a hand

28) Severe Floods

Flooding due to intense rain is one of the signs of the End Times before the Day of Reckoning. The recent reports of floods in various parts of the world confirm that we are living in the End Times.

Our Prophet (saas) revealed 1400 years ago in the hadiths that increasing rain would lead to major disasters:

Every day we watch on television and read reports in the newspapers of more disasters than have ever happened before in history. It is a statistical fact that natural disasters have increased in number as well as in size in recent years. The natural disasters in our day have affected millions of people in many coutries of the world and caused incalculably huge physical damage. Looking at the losses caused by floods in recent years we can clearly see that one of the major signs of the End Times is taking place.

In 2008 more than 1000 people died in flooding caused by rain in India between June and September. The city of Wing Chuen was the epicenter of a powerful earthquake in China in May 2008, and was subjected to heavy rains. Serious flooding and landslides have occurred in various regions. Some 1.88 million people have been affected by these disasters, and 8 have died. Seven people died in a flood disaster caused by fierce rains in China last month. Twenty-two people died as the result of flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains in northern parts of Vietnam at the beginning of this month. Various European countries have also been affected by flooding. Strong rains and flooding affected northern England lately. Many people died as a result of flooding caused by heavy rain in the Czech Republic in the final week of last month. Torrential rain affected the southern part of the country in particular. One million people were left homeless by flooding in Mozambique in 2000. Some 1000 people died in disasters caused by seasonal monsson rains in India, Nepal and Bangladesh in 2002. In China in 2003, 2000 people died in torrential summer rains, and 300,000 were made homeless. More than 120,000 people died as a result of floods in Bagladesh in 1991, and millions were left homeless. Floods caused the deaths of 216 people in Asia in 2007, and made 20 million homeless. Two hundred fourteen people died and 80 were made homeless in flooding caused by torrential rains in North Korea in 2007. And in Mexico in 2007, 500,000 people were made homeless when flooding demolished their houses.

Çin'de sel

Tercüman, 16.06.2008: This time China is under flood
Yeniçağ, 23.06.2008: Philipines go down water, 155 dead


The Hour will not come until there has been rain which destroy all dwellings. (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 253)

The Hour does not come until all mud-brick buildings, except for the stone ones, collapse. (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal, Musnad vol. 13, p. 291, no. 7554)

There will be treacherous years in which RAINS ARE PLENTIFUL, but fertility is low. In that time, the liar will be believed and THE TRUTHFUL PERSON DISBELIEVED, AND THE TRUSTWORTHY PERSON WILL BE REGARDED AS UNRELIABLE AND THE UNRELIABLE PERSON WILL BE TRUSTED… (Ibn Majah: 4036)

The famine would not break out because of drought, but there would be famine DESPITE HEAVY RAINFALL as NOTHING WOULD GROW FROM THE EARTH. (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, 6937)

… THEN ALLAH WOULD SEND OR HE WOULD CAUSE TO SEND RAIN WHICH WOULD BE LIKE DEW and there would grow out of it the bodies of the people. (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, 7023)

The Apearance Of A Double-Tailed Comet Drought Three Years Beforehand And Flooding Afterward:

At Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) coming, A DOUBLE-TAILED COMET WILL APPEAR AND WILL BE SO BRIGHT THAT IT WILL SHINE LIKE THE FULL MOON. After the appearance of this COMET THERE WILL BE SUCH RAIN THAT GREAT DAMAGE WILL BE CAUSED. But people will welcome that rain. Because NO RAIN WILL HAVE FALLEN FOR THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS. (Murtadha Lakha, R &K Tyrell Publishers, London, 1993)

Kanada, Fransa, sel

1. Günaydın, 28.05.2004: Death toll is more than 1000, 2. Yeni Mesaj, 05.08.2002: More than 600 dead, millions of homeless,
3. Tercüman, 16.04.2009: Canada under flood 4. Şok, 07.08.2006: Ethiopia under flood: 72 dead,
5. Vatan, 05.12.2003: France under flood, 6. Türkiye, 2007: World under flood,
7. 20.05.2003: The greatest flood disaster of the last 6 decades: 200 dead, 200 lost, 8. Kibris Gazetesi, 07.07.2009: Flood disaster in China: 75 dead,
9. Yeni Şafak, 09.07.2009: Giresun is again hit by flood, 10. Türkiye, 22.07.2009: 3 thousand houses under water!
11. Türkiye, 17.07.2009: The flood took hostage


  1. The comet “Lulin” came closest to the Earth on 24 February, 2009.
  2. It has two tails, just as described in the hadith, and is six times brighter than other stars.
  3. As it is stated in the hadith 3 years before the appearance of the comet, there has been a considerable decline in rainfall in the world as a whole and that drought appeared in many regions. According to the Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel’s “Climate Chane 2007” report, regions receiving no rainfell will become even more arid in 2007 and the following few years, and hunger and disease will rise in those areas.
  4. The hadith goes on to speak of damage caused by heavy rainfall following the sighting of the comet. Just as described in the hadith, in March 2009 the walls of the Dim Dam broke under heavy pressure, forcing thousands of people from their homes.
Nasa, insan eli şeklinde gök cismi
Nasa, insan eli şeklinde gök cismi

1. The Day of Judgment is very close UN’s shocking climate report,
2. The flood in Mecca in 2009




Drought 3 Years Before The Appearance Of Double-Tailed Comet


1. The highest temperatures of the last 400 years, 2. The scary melting in Greenland,
3. Winter without water, 4. Drought Everywhere, 5. The Earth is getting warm, disasters are close,
6. Turkey drying, 7. Dams are in such a condition, 8. Dams drying up, 9. This is a dam


Increase In Rainfall After The Appearance Of Double-Tailed Comet On February 24, 2009

Yağış, barajlar doldu

1. Occupancy rate in dams reached 95.5 percent, 2. Dry lakes of last year revived with rain showers,
3. 6-year-old dam gates are broken, 250 million cubic meters of water flows to the Mediterranean,
4. Dams break the record of the decade, 5. According to the Minister we have water until 2020,
6. Turkey is full with water, 7. Blessings showered on our country


9 September 1979: A Great Flood Took Place In Istanbul

As revealed in the hadiths, the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) equates to the year Hijri 1400, or 1979 AD.

“People will gather around Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the year (Hijri) 1400.” (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 108)

9 September 2009: The Flooding Disaster

Tsunami gibi felaket, İstanbul, Selimpaşa, Silivri

1. Bugün, 10.09.2009: Mega disaster, 2. Yeni Şafak, 10.09.2009: 31 dead,
3. Vatan, 09.09.200: Like Noah’s Flood, 4. Bugün, 09.09.2009: Like a tsunami




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