Adnan  Oktar (1956 -  .... )
Adnan Oktar (1956 – ….)

He was born in Ankara in 1956 and lived there until the end of high school education. His devotion to Islamic moral values grew even stronger over the years. During this period, almost all works of great Islamic scholars of Islam by reading about the deep knowledge gained. Again, in these years, telling all people of Islamic moral values of truth and beauty, and decided to invite them.

In 1979, the third from among thousands of people moved to Istanbul to continue his education at the University of Mimar Sinan.Art, who as a manifestation of Allah’s superior creation Oktar, a talented artist since childhood, in painting and the surrealist paintings would have done from time to time. There are several that have been given as gifts to friends. In addition, God sees as a manifestation of the art of animals, plants and flowers in a special interest in Adnan Oktar, gardening, interior design and decoration, Jews are the chosen.

Harun Yahya, the pen-name, he wrote hundreds of valuable books.Presented scientific refutations of Darwinism, in particular, had a great impact in the scientific world. Evolutionist publication 22 April 2000 issue of New Scientist magazine recognized words in the theory of evolution and creation, communicating the fact of Mr. Oktar an “international hero” has become. Mr. Oktar’s intellectual struggle against materialism and Darwinism are often given to the National Geographic, Science, New Scientist, NSCE Reports in media such as the majority of the foreigners who were brought up in an evolutionist. For example, in English and German editions of National Geographic magazine, November 2004, Adnan Oktar, referred to his works on the Truth of Creation, given in the following quotation from The Evolution Deceit: “The theory of the world system but a deception imposed on us by forces other which is nothing. “


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